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Create a Google My Business Listing

GMB – Acronym for Google My Business.

When a user makes a request, the search engine pulls up in the search results – company cards , with phone numbers, photos, reviews and other useful information. It looks something like this.

 This is how the search engine pulls up data from GMB companies

Before registering your company, carefully study the competitors in your niche. Let’s say you have a beauty salon, enter thematic queries and see what the profiles of companies that provide similar services look like.

The results of what you see will be different depending on your location. Select the profile that you will see for several different requests and see how the company card is designed: Description, photos, news, services, special offers.

In the future, you will need to make your company profile in GMB better and more beautiful than your competitor’s.

No need to copy information! It’s better to take the time and make a beautiful and most importantly attractive description for a potential client. The same goes for photographs.

Sign up with Google My Business

You can register your company profile in Google My Business (GMB) by following the link: https://www.google.com/intl/ ru_ru / business / During the registration process you will have step-by-step instructions, a virtual assistant who will tell you what and where to write and what fields to fill out.

You can register a company profile both from a computer / laptop and from a smartphone or tablet. To do this, download the Google My Business app from the market and install it.

To register a company profile with GMB, it is important to have a mailing address * gmail

What else needs to be prepared during registration:

  • Company logo (you can draw or order this service);
  • Valid phone number;
  • Physical address where your organization is located;
  • Nice cover photo (you can do it yourself using Canva or similar online editors)
  • Several photos taken directly where your business is located.

After you have filled in all the data, you need to obtain confirmation of the existence of your organization from Google. You can get confirmation in several ways, the simplest is an SMS message to the specified phone number. The second way to verify a company in Google My Business is through a code letter. An ordinary paper letter is not an email, the letter comes to the specified postal address, and the time of receipt can last from 2 to 4 weeks.

After you confirm your business with GMB, all functions will become available to you. Now you can start filling the profile of your organization with content.

In general, managing your organization’s profile in GMB is easier and more convenient from a smartphone. You will be able to quickly upload captured photos from your smartphone, answer questions and customer reviews (the speed of reaction to questions and comments plays a big role).

Don’t expect customers to see you right after you’ve created your organization’s profile. This will require more effort. Despite the fact that listing on Google My Business is a completely free service. To promote your profile and bypass competitors, you will need financial investments.

I will tell you how to promote a company card on Google My Business in the next article.

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